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Deal Overview

Legg Mason, Inc.
Spectrum Financial Corp.
Deal Type:
Specialty Finance Company
Agreement Date:
Announcement Date:
Announced Deal Value ($ M):
Completion Date:

Deal Terms
Description of Consideration

Legg Mason Real Estate Services Inc. acquired Spectrum Financial Corp. for an undisclosed cash consideration.

Percent Acquired (%) 100.00
Purchase Method Purchase
Merger of Equals? NA
Estimated Cost Savings (%) NA
Estimated Cost Savings ($ 000) NA
Est. Restructuring Charges ($ 000) NA
Deal Advisers
Financial Advisers
Party Advised Adviser Hired? Firm Name
Buyer No NA
Legal Counsel
Party Advised Adviser Hired? Firm Name
Buyer NA NA
Seller Yes Goulston & Storrs PC

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