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Credit Suisse Financial Services Forum Presentation2/9/2016
3Q FY 2016 Earnings Presentation1/22/2016
Investor Day Presentation1/22/2016
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Banking & Financial Services Conference Presentation11/18/2015
Corporate Overview – October 201511/17/2015
2Q FY 2016 Earnings Presentation10/30/2015
2Q FY 2016 Earnings Conference Call10/30/2015
Barclays Global Financial Services Conference Presentation9/16/2015
1Q FY 2016 Earnings Presentation7/31/2015
1Q FY 2016 Earnings Conference Call7/31/2015
Annual Shareholders Meeting FY20157/28/2015
Corporate Overview – May 20156/9/2015
Corporate Overview – April 20155/1/2015
4Q FY 2015 Earnings Presentation5/1/2015
4Q FY 2015 Earnings Conference Call5/1/2015
Citi Asset Management Broker Dealer & Exchanges Conference Presentation3/10/2015
Corporate Overview – January 20152/25/2015
Credit Suisse Financial Services Forum Handout2/10/2015
3Q FY 2015 Earnings Presentation1/30/2015
3Q FY 2015 Earnings Conference Call1/30/2015
2Q FY 2015 Earnings Presentation10/31/2014
2Q FY 2015 Earnings Conference Call10/31/2014
Investor Day9/10/2014
1Q FY 2015 Earnings Presentation7/31/2014
1Q FY 2015 Earnings Conference Call7/31/2014
Annual Shareholders Meeting FY20147/29/2014
Debt Restructuring6/23/2014
2014 Morgan Stanley Financials Conference Presentation6/11/2014
2014 KBW Asset Management Conference Presentation6/4/2014
Gabelli Research Conference5/5/2014
4Q FY 2014 Earnings Presentation5/1/2014
4Q FY 2014 Earnings Conference Call5/1/2014
Corporate Overview – April 20144/1/2014
Citi Asset Management Conference Presentation3/12/2014
Legg Mason Acquisition of QS Investors Call3/4/2014
Corporate Overview – January 20142/21/2014
Credit Suisse Financial Services Forum Presentation2/12/2014
3Q FY 2014 Earnings Presentation1/31/2014
3Q FY 2014 Earnings Conference Call1/31/2014
Corporate Overview – December 201312/9/2013
Corporate Overview – November 201311/19/2013
Bank of America/Merrill Lynch 2013 Banking & Financial Services Conference Presentation11/12/2013
2Q FY 2014 Earnings Presentation10/25/2013
2Q FY 2014 Earnings Conference Call10/25/2013
Investor Luncheon Presentation9/11/2013
Investor Luncheon Mp3 Presentation9/11/2013
Barclays Global Financial Services Conference Presentation9/9/2013
1Q FY 2014 Earnings Presentation7/25/2013
1Q FY 2014 Earnings Conference Call7/25/2013
Annual Shareholders Meeting FY20137/23/2013
Morgan Stanley Financials Conference Presentation6/11/2013
KBW Asset Management Conference Presentation6/5/2013
Corporate Overview- May 20135/23/2013
4Q FY 2013 Earnings Presentation4/30/2013
4Q FY 2013 Earnings Conference Call4/30/2013
Citi 2013 Financial Services Forum Presentation3/5/2013
Corporate Overview- January 20132/15/2013
Credit Suisse Financial Services Forum2/13/2013
3Q FY 2013 Earnings Presentation2/1/2013
Corporate Overview – November 201211/27/2012
2Q FY 2013 Earnings Presentation10/26/2012
Corporate Overview – September 20129/30/2012
Corporate Overview – August 20128/31/2012
1Q FY 2013 Earnings Presentation7/27/2012
Annual Shareholders Meeting7/24/2012
Morgan Stanley Financials Conference Presentation6/13/2012
KBW 2012 Asset Management Conference Presentation6/6/2012
Corporate Overview – May 20125/31/2012
4Q FY 2012 Earnings Presentation5/1/2012
Citi 2012 Financial Services Forum Presentation3/7/2012
Corporate Overview – January 20122/16/2012
Credit Suisse Financial Services Forum Presentation2/9/2012
3Q FY 2011 Earnings Presentation1/27/2012
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Banking and Financial Services Conference Presentation11/15/2011
Corporate Overview - October 201110/31/2011
2Q FY 2012 Earnings Presentation10/27/2011
Barclays Capital 2011 Global Financial Services Conference Presentation9/13/2011
Corporate Overview – August 20118/31/2011
1Q FY 2012 Earnings Presentation7/28/2011
Annual Shareholders Meeting7/26/2011
KBW 2011 Investment Management & Specialty Finance Conference Presentation6/8/2011
4Q FY 2011 Earnings Presentation5/3/2011
Citigroup Financial Serivces Conference3/9/2011
Credit Suisse 2011 Financial Services Conference2/10/2011
3Q FY 2011 Earnings Presentation1/26/2011
Western Asset Management Overview12/10/2010
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Banking and Financial Services Conference11/16/2010
2Q FY 2011 Earnings Presentation10/27/2010
Barclays Capital Global Financial Services Conference9/13/2010
First Quarter FY 2011 Review7/26/2010
Investor Day5/13/2010
Fourth Quarter FY 2010 Review5/10/2010
Third Quarter FY 2010 Review1/21/2010
Goldman Sachs US Financial Services Conference12/9/2009
Second Quarter FY 201010/22/2009
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